Mysore Intensive

Asana Playshops, and discussions with Marie Belle (20 hours)




1.     Led Primary- 90 minutes asana + chai and talk 30 mins - VIERNES 22 FEB- 6PM-8:00PM

2.     Workshop- Unlock the heart and hips- 90-120 minutes- SÁBADO 23 - 11:30AM-1:30PM

3.     Workshop- Inversions, Floating, and Flying- 90-120 minutes - SÁBADO 23 - 2PM- 4PM

4.     Playshop- Inversions and Creativity- 90-120 minutes - DOMINGO 24- 9:30AM- 11:30AM

5.     Mobility Playshop- Hips, Spine, and Shoulder Mobility 90-120 minutes - DOMINGO 24- 1PM- 3PM



Gift yourself the time to learn Ashtanga yoga in this holistic, well-rounded Open Practice/ Mysore intensive. This is the perfect week to jumpstart your personal practice and is intended for committed practitioners of any level or ability. The Intensive is limited to 16 students and includes 5 Mysore/ Open Practice classes and one Led Primary class. Join for the weekend to get a tune up and a small dose of inspiration or sign up for the complete week to transform your entire practice and approach, on and off the mat. Sign Up now to reserve your space.

This course is based on the traditional Ashtanga Vinyasa Yoga discipline, yet is not limited to it. Depending on your personal interest and level of ability, you will be taught the Primary Series, the Intermediate Series or the Advanced Series in a traditional manner, step by step. You will also be exposed to new material, not currently included in a traditional Mysore setting. If a student so desires, and has learned at least half Primary, they may be encouraged to learn and practice Dharma Yoga. Some students may choose to work with both systems at the same time. Every day of the intensive will include:


·       Personalized attention (max 16 students)

·       Ashtanga Yoga

·       Led Primary

·       Dharma Yoga

·       Pranayama and Meditation

·       Self Inquiry

·       Conditioning drills to work on difficult areas of practice

·       Alignment and calibration

·       Individualized homework

·       Yoga healing

·       Time and space to establish a relationship with Marie Belle

·       Inspiration to practice more regularly



1.     Led Primary

a.     An evening of breath, clarity, and movement. Join us for a 90-minute dynamic class aimed at purifying the mind and body and connecting with breath. We will move through Ashtanga Yoga’s Primary Series, including Sun Salutations, Standing Postures, Seated Postures, and closing. We will end with a peaceful rest and some time for Questions and Answers. All are welcome to join. Previous yoga experience highly recommended.

2.     Workshop- Unlock the heart and hips

a.     Slow mo soulful flow. Get ready to move slowly, ground down, connect, and learn to manifest more clearly. We will sustain stillness in postures and incorporate all aspects of hip opening including forward folds, quad stretches, exploring the adductors, and loving the IT band. We will also include deep front body lengthening and all variations of backbends, twists, and forward folds. Get ready to open beautifully and soften into Being. All are welcome to join.

3.     Workshop- Inversions, Floating, and Flying

a.     Strong movement and activating drills. Get ready to access your creative potentials and learn to express on your hands, forearms, and crown of head. Learn techniques and drills to encourage lightness in your practice. We will incorporate wrist warm ups, front and back bodyline drills, and all variations of floating and flying: jumping, piking, and pressing. Get ready to invert exquisitely and transform blockages to possibilities. All are welcome to join.

4.     Playshop- Inversions and Creativity

o   Creative, super sweaty play session. Amaze yourself, activate your awareness, and move through new transitions and variations of postures. Explore your body’s capacity for play and breathe into a dynamic practice that will incorporate inversions, hamstring work, and intense core activation. All are welcome to join.

5.     Mobility Playshop- Hips, Spine, and Shoulder Mobility

o   Aerating, super intense hip, heart, and shoulder opening workshop. This workshop is designed to expand your practice by including well-informed mobility training. Unlock the densities in your body and work all aspects of an intermediate handstand practice (wall work, flexibility, straight legged backbends, and hollowback handstand/ forearm variations). We will incorporate drills and sustain longer holds for deep front body lengthening, shoulder stretching, and unlocking the upper back. Be ready for wrist warm ups, lunges, backbends, twists, and all variations of inversions and partner work. All are welcome to join.



  • All levels welcomed.

  • Bring confortable clothing.

  • Bring snacks and reusable water bottles, we have a refilling station, and do not sell or support single use plastic.

  • It’s a good idea to bring something to write with and a notebook!

  • Bring your mat, towel, a change of clothing, and anything else you might need.





Friday, February 22—Led Primary

Saturday, February 23

Sunday, February 24- Mysore

Monday, February 25- Mysore

Tuesday, February 26- Mysore

Wednesday, February 27- Mysore

Thursday, February 28- Mysore


Mysore Intensive including 5 workshops (20 Hours of training):

  • $375 early bird* / $450 thereafter

  • Mysore only: $200 early bird*/ $250 thereafter-- 10 hours of Mysore

  • 5 workshops- $190 early bird*/ $235 thereafter-- 10 hours of workshop

  • Individual Workshop/ Mysore- $40/ $50 thereafter

*Early Bird ends on January 18

Tax us not included in price.

Puerto Rico tax in San Juan is 11.5%.


Mysore Intensive
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Cancelation Policy

If you cancel you cancel a month before the intensive, we will return 100% of your money, minus $50, administration costs.

If you cancel up to a week before the intensive, 50% of your money will be returned,

If you cancel within a week of the intensive, no money is returned.