Teacher Training

200 hours with Marie Belle & Valerie




Our teacher training is a 5-month long program that meets 5 weekends, 26 hours per weekend, and 10 hours of Practice with Valerie per month. This program is approved by Yoga Alliance at the 200-hour level for national certification. Enrollment is limited to 18 students.


The intention is to provide and embody an education necessary to establish a personal practice and a safe, healthy, long-term relationship with yoga. You will join a holistic program aimed at preparing you for an in-depth exploration into the practice of Roots Love Yoga Vinyasa Yoga (as a lifestyle, with a non-dualistic tantric worldview, and potentially a profession).


You will complete this intensive prepared to continue the art of practicing, teaching, and expanding along this ancient path. Upon completion of the course, you will be firmly established in a daily practice and technique. You will learn technical foundation for classical asanas (postures), non-dualistic tantric philosophy, ahimsa (non-violence), meditation, proper vinyasa, pranayama (breathing techniques), the history and roots of yoga, functional and energetic anatomy, and how to create skillfully aligned sequences. You will learn safe hands-on adjustments of postures from the Primary Series of Ashtanga Yoga, Dharma Yoga and Classical Hatha Yoga Postures.



·      Commitment to practicing at El Estudio 3+ times a week throughout the intensive

·      Commitment to having an everyday personal practice throughout the intensive, including

pranayama, meditation, karma and asana.

·      Demonstrate excellent studentship through words and actions

·      A sincere desire to learn, grow, and awaken to the heart of your Being

·      Acceptance into the program is based upon approval of your application.




·      Developing and maintaining a personal practice (non-violence, asana, pranayama, meditation)

·      Nondualistic Tantric Philosophy

·      Yoga History, Roots, and Storytelling

·      Fundamental yoga asanas of Ashtanga Yoga, Dharma Yoga, and variations of classical postures

·      Energetic anatomy and Ayurveda

·      Vinyasa techniques and count (floating and flying; jumping through; jumping back)

·      Physical anatomy, alignment, and physiology as it relates to yoga practice

·      Creative, Intelligent, Progressive Sequencing

·      Intuitive movement

·      Apprenticing, observation, scripting, and practice teaching

·      Verbal and physical adjustments

·      Modifications for injuries and special populations

·      Therapeutic applications

·      Healthy Lifestyle

·      The art of centering, demonstration, and weaving the heart into asana

·      Right livelihood: Business and Ethics of Yoga

·      Great studentship, the heart of yoga, bringing devotion to life, connecting with the community, and

manifesting your dreams.



  • All levels welcomed.

  • Bring confortable clothing.

  • Bring snacks and reusable water bottles, we have a refilling station, and do not sell or support single use plastic.

  • Bring something to write with and a notebook + training materials.

  • Bring your mat, towel, a change of clothing, and anything else you might need.





Weekend 1

May 3-5

Weekend 2

June 7-9

Weekend 3

July 12-14

Weekend 4

August 16-18

Weekend 5

Septiembre 6-8


Attendance is MANDATORY for all weekends. Any missed sessions must be made up at the student’s expense.

Practice with Valerie, in addition to the Teacher Training Weekend classes. Two times a week (8 classes a month)


$2,500 (if paid in full by April 1st)
$3,000 (regular price)

·      Application fee is $150 (goes towards tuition)

·      $200 nonrefundable deposit is required on acceptance into the program

·      Final payment due APRIL 6TH, 2019. 

*Payment plan may be available upon request*

*Early Bird ends on April 1st

*Tax us not included in price.

Puerto Rico tax in San Juan is 11.5%.


Cancelation Policy

You have the right to withdraw from the intensive at any time. If you decide that you can no longer complete the 5-month long intensive, you may request a refund. The amount refunded is based on the date of your request. The cancellation fee is given according to the following schedule:

o   30+ days prior to the start of the intensive are $200 with the balance refunded or applied to a future Roots Love Yoga  intensive within 2 years

o   14-30 days prior to the start of the intensive are $500 with the balance applied to a future Roots Love Yoga Intensive within 2 years

o   All fees are final and nonrefundable within the 14-day period before the start of the program.

o   Amounts given do not include the $200 non-refundable deposit